Early Life Of Andrew Jackson  

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He was born in Waxhaws, a town located on the borders of the South and North Carolina States. He was born on March 15, 1767. However, many historians debate about the exact location of his birth as it is not clear if he was born in North or South Carolina.

Jackson was the third child to his parents, who were of Scottish and Irish origins. Jackson’s father also called Andrew, who died in an accident just weeks before Andrew Jackson was born. His mother was left widowed tending to a newborn baby, and two older sons. However, Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, Jackson’s mother, was known to be a strong willed woman.

Andrew Jackson was just nine years old when the American Revolution broke out, and his family suffered a lot of hardships due to the Revolution. Jackson’s oldest brother died in the Battle of Stono Ferry in South Carolina. A couple of years later, Andrew and his bother were imprisoned by the British. During his term in the jail, he refused to obey orders of some British officers. The officer’s had asked them to clean their boots. On refusal, the British officer struck Andrew with a sword and cut his hand to the bone.

However, their troubles did not end there, and both the brothers further got smallpox. Unfortunately Andrews’s second brother succumbed to the illness and died. Shortly after, his mother contracted cholera and died.

Andrew Jackson’s childhood was full of strife, poverty and struggles. All this happened before Andrew Jackson turned seventeen, and he held the British responsible for his tragedies, and harbored a strong hate for the British.

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Early Life Of Andrew Jackson




Was-Andrew-Jackson-A-Great-Leader      Andrew Jackson was born in South Carolina in the year 1776. His mother was widowed as soon as he was born. He had two more brothers, and they too died during the battles in the Revolution and diseases. His childhood left him with great anger and resentment for the British. When he was free, he lived in the tavern with other students. More..




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