Where Is George Washington Buried ?  

After his death, at the age of 67 at his house at Mount Vernon, George Washington was buried in the same place. His death was mourned by the U.S public for many months. George Washington had wanted his funeral to be a simple affair. However, the exactly opposite happened.

The funeral of George Washington was not a simple ceremony. Thousands of supporters and admirers attended the funeral service. With a grand salute in the form of firing of guns from a ship anchored in the Potomac, a band played during the funeral services.

George Washington was laid to rest in the family tomb at Mount Vernon. After his death, his widow, Martha, burnt all but three letters that were exchanged between them to protect their privacy.

Before his death, in 1799, George Washington had left a will that he had personally drafted. Running to 42 pages, he made it clear that his surviving wife Martha should inherit his Mount Vernon estate which was then valued at $500,000. After her death, Washington had stated that it should be inherited by his nephew, Bushrod Washington.

Slavery was predominant in those days. And George Washington’s will had a clear mention about the slaves working in his plantations and in his house. The will stated that William, his personal slave should be relieved from slavery and should be given $30 grant of money every year during his lifetime. The will also mentioned that the rest of the slaves who work for them should be freed once Martha breathes her last.

The will of Washington also reflected his concern for society and education. The will said that a section of his wealth should go to a school catering to the needs of the poor and orphans. Another part of his wealth should go into construction of a national university in Washington D.C.

His two grandchildren, Eleanor Parke Custis and George Washington Parke Custis, also inherited large properties in Virginia, as well as his friends inherited some gifts.

The remains of George Washington were originally buried in the old tomb at his Mount Vernon estate. However, in 1831, in commemoration of the centennial of his birth, his last remains were shifted to be buried in its current tomb.

America mourned the loss of its first President for months together. In France, thousands mourned and Napoleon observed ten days of mourning throughout France.

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Where Is George Washington Buried




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