Contributions By Grover Cleveland  

Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms as the president of the United States. He was the 22nd president from 1885 to 1889 and then the 24th president from 1893 to 1897.

During his two tenures of presidency, he contributed a lot to the nation. Here are his contributions in the first term as president:

Cleveland had the task of filling all of the government jobs for which the President had the power of appointment. Cleveland declared that he would not fire any Republican who was doing his job well, and would not appoint anyone based solely on party service. He reduced the number of federal employees with his appointment powers. In 1887, he signed an act and created the Interstate Commerce Commission. Cleveland irritated railroad investors by ordering an investigation of western lands that they held by government grant.

He vetoed 100s of private pension bills for American Civil War veterans. In 1887, Cleveland distributed the veto of the Texas Seed Bill. After a drought had ruined crops in several Texas counties, Congress allotted $10,000 to purchase seed grain for farmers there. Cleveland vetoed this expenditure.

Cleveland and Treasury Secretary Daniel Manning stood firmly with the gold standard, and tried to reduce the amount of silver that the government was required to coin under the Bland Allison Act of 1878.

His contributions in the second term as president were as follows:

Cleveland made the beginning of the end of silver as a basis for American currency.

Cleveland obtained an injunction in federal court and on the refusal of strikers to obey it, he sent in federal troops to Chicago and other rail centers. Leading newspapers of both parties applauded Cleveland's actions, but the use of troops strengthened the attitude of organized labor toward his administration.

Cleveland agreed with report of Blount, which found the population to be opposed to union. By December 1893, this matter was still unresolved and Cleveland referred this issue to Congress. Cleveland rejected the annexation idea. Cleveland improved relations with the United States' southern neighbors and Britain.

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Contributions By Grover Cleveland




President-Grover-Cleveland-Biography      Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and the 24th president of the United States. He was born on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell, New Jersey. His father died when he was 16 years old. In school, Cleveland was an average student, but had aspirations to go to college. However, this did not materialize as his father died. Therefore, at the age of 16, Cleveland was forced to find a job and work. More..




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