James Garfield Important Achievements  

Although James Garfield, the 20th President of United States of America, was one of the shortest serving American presidents after William Henry Harrison, he achieved several milestones in his career. He was considered as one of the most hawkish Republicans during the Reconstruction era which followed after the American Civil War ended.

During the American Civil War, he was enlisted, and fought on behalf of the Union. His military skills came to focus when he and his brigade were able to drive the Confederate’s army from the eastern Kentucky. In 1862, he was elected to the US House of Representatives which he accepted only as late as December 1863. His abilities as a lawyer came to focus when he, despite being a hardcore nationalist, argued against the death sentence handed out to the pr-Confederate people by the military court on the ground that the civil court had the right to try those people.

As President of United States, he did not get much time to serve as his tenure lasted for only about 6 months, the last two of which he spent in bed after an assassination attempt on his life which left him bed ridden. Nevertheless, he played a crucial role in maintaining peace between different factions within the Republican Party.

On the diplomatic front, he tried his best to foster closer relations with countries in Latin American region.

In September 19, 1881, James Garfield died of heart attack after suffering from prolonged injury. He was the second president after Abraham Lincoln to be assassinated while still in office.

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James Garfield Important Achievements




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