What Did Lewis And Clark Discover ?  

One of the most famous expeditions undertaken by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark was set to change the understanding of the Western regions of America for a long time to come. The journey, undertaken in 1804 took over two years for completion. The main aim of the journey was to discover and explore the Western territories that were recently added to the existing country of America. President Thomas Jefferson was very keen on exploring the land and establishing better relations with the native Indians in the region. The fauna and flora was another area yet to be explored.

Jefferson appointed Lewis to be in charge of the expedition. Lewis asked his childhood friend Clarke to accompany him during the expedition. A group of men were appointed to accompany the men during the expedition. Sacajawea, a Shoshone Indian guide was also asked to guide the men through the areas. Sacajawea was kidnapped at a very young age, separated from her local tribes and sold to a French Canadian fur trader Toussaint Charbonneau, who later married her. She got her infant son along the journey and turned out to be of immense help to Lewis and Clarke.

They crossed mountains, rivers and vast areas of land. They managed to build an extremely good rapport with the local Indians in the areas. They travelled across Missouri, went to North Dakota and were joined by Sacajawea. They discovered 178 different plants. 122 different species and sub-species of animals were also discovered along the journey. They covered a total of 8000 miles in two years, four months and ten days.

Although the conditions and terrains to cross were inhospitable and difficult, only one man died throughout the journey, Sergeant Charles Floyd. Lewis and Clarke sent a prairie dog to Jefferson, a breed that was unheard off until then.

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What Did Lewis And Clark Discover




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