Effects Of Louisiana Purchase  

The purchase of Louisiana by the American President Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest acquisitions America managed in history. It paved way for easy trade and doubled the total land space of the country.

After the French Indian Wars in 1763, Great Britain managed to capture the entire North American continent. Parts of America that were under the French rule were also captured. This way, France lost territories starting from New Orleans to Missouri River until Montana. After signing the Treaty of Fontainbleau, western Louisiana was given to the Spaniards while the eastern parts were ceded to the British.

In 1783, when America got independence from the British rule, it was uncomfortable to have a Spanish presence on its western borders. The Mississippi River was one of the most important trade routes for importing and exporting products. An access to the port of New Orleans would have been extremely helpful for the American. A tactful Pinckney Treaty in 1795 with Spain gave America the power to navigate on the river and use the port of New Orleans. This gave rise to extremely successful trades across the region making the Americans flourish financially.

Spain on the other hand was not gaining much in the region. The Spaniards signed a treaty with the French that would allow Spain to get parts of Italy. The French on the other hand would get back Louisiana. The French however decided to sell the land to America for $15 million. This way, the Americans got a huge chunk of land without waging a battle against anyone.

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Effects Of Louisiana Purchase




American History (1803-1849) :

Importance Of The Louisiana Purchase      The French and Indian War resulted in France losing out on all its territories in America. The British on the other hand managed to take control of the whole of North America. The western parts of the Louisiana were given to Spain while the eastern parts were under British rule. When America got independence from the British, the western parts of the region were comfortably under the Spanish rule. Since it was a very important trade route, Americans managed to sign a treaty with Spain that would allow America to use the port of New Orleans. More..




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