What Did The Missouri Compromise Do ?  

The Missouri Compromise passed in 1820 was a measure by the American Government to prevent Civil War from taking place between the Northern and Southern States in the country. This Compromise is also famously known as the first legislative compromise.

The Northern states feared that the admission of Missouri as a slave sate would cause an unequal balance in the region with more number of slave states from the southern region outdoing the number of free states that were largely from the Northern region. The Congress, which had two representatives from each state, had given an allowance for three-fifths of the black population and the total white population from each state. If Missouri were approved as a slave state, the balance would shift tremendously in favor of the Southern states decreasing the power and rights of the Northern states in the region.

The Northern states also wanted a complete abolishment of slavery and wanted America to be recognized as a free country rather than a slave country. This idea was vehemently objected to by the Southern states who were heavily dependent on the slavery for centuries and could not foresee a future without slaves in the region.

Henry Clay, the Speaker of the House tried to pass a judgment that would be acceptable to the Northern and Southern regions. He inducted Missouri as a slave state. At the same time, he passed a resolution to recognize Maine as a free state. This would automatically balance the number of free and slave stated in the region, balancing the power in the region. At the same time, he did not allow slavery to be used beyond the 36 degree 30' line of latitude.

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What Did The Missouri Compromise Do




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