The Monroe Doctrine Facts  

The Monroe doctrine proclaimed the arrival of America as a super power in the region. This was passed by the then President James Monroe in 1823. As part of his annual speech in the Congress, he included the doctrine and outlined America’s new policies that it would adopt in the Western Hemisphere to prevent any type of attack or intervention from the European countries in and around America and neighboring countries.

This doctrine was considered an effort on part of America to exert its presence and powers in the region. Although this was not favored by other American countries in the region, America was in no mood to relent the presence of any European power or force in the region, which it wanted to dominate politically, financially and economically.

In 1865, the U.S Government invoked the Monroe doctrine and supported the Mexican President Benito Juárez against the French Leader Emperor Maximilian with military and diplomatic aid.

In the year 1904, America again showed that it was serious about the Monroe Doctrine when it sent its marines to Santo Domingo (1904), Nicaragua (1911) and Haiti (1915) when the Europeans tried using force to collect debts from the above stated nations. This effort on part of the Americans Government to “protect” the Latin American from aggressive forces did into go down well with a majority of the Latin Nations in the region.

In the year 1962, the Americans invoked the Monroe Doctrine again when the Soviet Union used Cuba to build missile launching sites. The then President, John F Kennedy placed an air and naval quarantine over the region. Finally, this resulted in the Soviet Union backing off from the region. In exchange, America withdrew its missile bases from Turkey.

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The Monroe Doctrine Facts




American History (1803-1849) :

What Is The Definition Of The Monroe Doctrine ?      President James Monroe passed Monroe Doctrine on December 2, 1832. He delivered the doctrine as part of his annual State of the Union address speech. According to the doctrine, no country or ruler had the power to dictate terms or show its presence in the Western Hemisphere. It stated that none of the European powers had any right to take over any land or use military force around the Western hemisphere. More..




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