History Of The Star Spangled Banner  

The Star Spangled Banner, which was adopted as the national anthem of the United States in 1931, was composed a century earlier in 1814. During the American British War in 1812, the British forces were keen on attacking America on its coastal lines. The American forces were weak and feeble to defend the British troops. The British after successfully attacking Washington moved over to attack Baltimore.

Before the attack, the Americans had sent a leading lawyer, Francis Scott Key and another American to negotiate the release of an elderly American doctor who was held hostage by the British forces. The British agreed to release the doctor but did not allow the three men to go ashore because of the immediate attack that was to take place. They tied up the men under the Admiral’s flagship and set off to attack forts. The most important fort in the region, the Fort McHenry was under constant attack. At the break of dawn, Key noticed that the American flag was flying high amidst the constant bombardments of the British forces on the fort. He realized that the Americans had indeed managed to hold on to the fort and defeat the British. Overcome with emotions on his way back, he penned the Star Spangled Banner on September 14, 1814.

Americans adopted the tune of the famous British drinking song “To Anacreon in Heaven”. It was recomposed many times later making the song more complicated in the process. The song was famously used during Civil War and World War I. It became a huge hit among the masses, forcing the Congress to adopt it as their national anthem in 1931.

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History Of The Star Spangled Banner




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Origin Of How The Star Spangled Banner Song      The British American War in 1812 led to the composition of the Star Spangled Banner song. The British had attacked Washington and were on their way to attack Baltimore. Meanwhile, an American doctor was held hostage by the British forces. Before attacking Baltimore, the British decided to attack the forts surrounding Baltimore. Fort Mc Henry in particular was a key strategic position in the war. America sent a leading lawyer Francis Scott and Key with another American to secure the release of the elderly doctor. More..




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