Importance Of The Trail Of Tears  

The Trail of Tears was one of the many barbaric attempts by the Whites to remove the Native Americans from their homelands by force. The Treaty of Echota penned under the Indian Removal Act in 1830 forced the Natives to exchange their rich fertile lands in the East for unfertile and poorly maintained lands in the West of Mississippi River.

Nearly 300 Cherokees were forced to sign this treaty. The men were not real representatives of the Cherokee tribe. They did they have any authoritative power amongst their tribe members. The Cherokees in the region did not accept the signing of the treaty. They appealed to the Supreme Court and won their case. President Andrew Jackson was determined to remove the natives from the region and reap the benefits. He used military force and forcefully evacuated thousands of tribes from their homeland.

These tribes were forced to trek through inhuman terrains. They were placed in makeshift camps that were unhygienic. Many thousands died due to spread of various diseases amongst the tribe members. The total number of deaths estimated due to the forceful evacuation stands at 4000.

Although the Cherokees appealed and fought their case in a peaceful manner, the greediness of the whites to secure lands that were rich in terms of resources, gold and fertility resulted in displacing thousands of natives that had lived in the region for centuries. However, the whites overlooking the plea of the tribes received the fertile lands they had been vying for by force.

The Trail of Tears is believed to be one of the most tragic and shameful events that occurred in the American history. The Cherokees tribes call the even as Nunna daul Isunyi or “The Trail Where We Cried”.

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Importance Of The Trail Of Tears




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