Why Did The Trail Of Tears Happen ?  

With a booming white population and a successful Louisiana Purchase, the whites were keen on controlling large areas of fertile lands that were home to the Native Indian Tribes for centuries. The selfish nature and greed to hold more lands was evident in the signing of the Indian Removal Act in the year 1830. President Jackson was the pioneer in passing this Act that was aimed at removing the tribes from their lands to the western territories. The presence of gold in the region only worsened the condition making the tribes sign numerous treaties.

According to these treaties, the tribes would give up their lands and receive compensation and lands westwards. The tribes felt that they would be able to placate the government and hold on to some areas of the land that were inhabited for centuries by signing a few treaties. They also felt that the hostilities towards the tribes by the whites would decrease if they agreed and cooperated to some extent. However, the tribes did not realize that the whites would be relentless and ruthless in their efforts to remove the tribes completely off the fertile lands.

The Cherokees, a well-organized tribe in the region were opposed to any type of forceful removal. They appealed in the Supreme Court and won their case. President Jackson however, forced some 300 men from the tribe to sign the Treaty of New Echota. The members forced to sign the treaty were not representative members of their tribes. The Cherokees therefore refused to oblige. The whites used force and asked the tribes to evacuate immediately. The tribes were not given enough time to even collect their basic amenities and belongings from their homelands. Thousands were forced to trek for miles together under harsh climatic and unhygienic conditions. Many died on the way. This event is tragically remembered as Trail of Tears.

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Why Did The Trail Of Tears Happen




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