Who Won The War Of 1812 ?  

The War of 1812 was declared by America on Britain. In many instances, it is famously called the “second War of Independence”. After achieving independence from Britain after the American Revolution, the US wanted to be treated as a sovereign nation with its own rules and regulations. Britain however, refused to treat America as one and started harassing American ships.

Britain also started capturing American seamen during its rising tensions with France. The French and British armies were fighting pitched battles with each other to gain control over Europe. America on the other hand was heavily dependent on the French merchandise to support a growing population. France meanwhile passed laws that would prevent Britain from trading in France’s colonies. Britain on its part imposed restrictions on France’s ships. This directly affected America’s trade and commerce in the region. Growing tensions between America and Britain led to America declaring war on Britain. The declaration was an extremely premature own. British armies were well armed and had years of experiment. The US, on the other hand, was in its stage of infancy and had not yet set up a strong military base in the region.

America was keen on ending the conflicts. The two countries decided to meet in Ghent, Belgium. Here, they signed the Treaty of Ghent. According to the treaty, both the countries would give back the territories that had been captured during the two-year conflict to each other. Similar, Britain would give back the captured slaves to America. Both the countries also decided to give back the prisoners of war to the respective countries. The war turned out to be useless with no one country winning or losing in the battle. The lives of thousands of soldiers who died fighting the war were rendered worthless because the two countries came back to square one after the war had ended.

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Who Won The War Of 1812




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