How Many People Died In The Battle Of Gettysburg ?  

Although the campaign for the Battle of Gettysburg's stretched for a period of 3 months that is from June to August, 1863; the actual battle was over within 3 days from July 1st to 3rd of the same year. The commander of the forces from the Union’s side was Major General George G. Meade. He headed an army of 86,289 soldiers.

General Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate army that was comparatively lesser in strength with a total of 57,054 soldiers. Despite being rated as the greatest battle fought during the Civil War, the reality remains that this was an unplanned conflict. The Union was being threatened by the aspirations of the Confederate army to reach further into the North and take into their control the communities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington. However, the Union army under the dynamic leadership of Meade throttled their strategy by engaging them in a battle in Gettysburg itself.

While the first day witnessed the Confederates in a stronger potential forcing the Union army to retreat to Cemetery Hill, the second day that is on 2nd of July saw a reversed situation. The Union army gained might overnight on receiving reinforcements and pushed the Confederate army backwards. Although the Confederates tried their luck once again by attacking on the third day but they lost the war owing to the use of cannon fire by their opponents. Finally, after the culmination of the battle, on 4th July, the victorious army of Lee commenced their movement back to the Potomac River, which was located close to Williamsport.

The Battle of Gettysburg is famous in history for being the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. Both sides incurred heavy losses of human and animal life and property. The victorious army itself lost 23,049 out of a total beginning strength of approximately 85,000-88,000. Of these; 3,155 soldiers were found dead, 14,529 were hurt and 5,363 soldiers were missing. The Confederate Army also suffered heavy losses in the form of 3,903 dead soldiers, 18,735 wounded men and 5,425 missing. The total loss of life on both sides was estimated as 51,116. However, there was only one civilian by the name of Jennie Wade, who died due to the war. Other civilian casualties owing to the war were actually the consequence of the remnants of explosives of the war. There were heavy animal casualties in the war as well. More than 3000 horses are believed to have died in the battle. The martyrs of the war are honored till date for paving way to a democratic government.

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How Many People Died In The Battle Of Gettysburg




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