Why Is The Battle Of Gettysburg Important ?  

The Battle of Gettysburg occurred in the Adams Country in Pennsylvania. The location of this pivotal battle of the Civil War was not really decided upon. It was shear chance that the conflict commenced in this small town located in the southwestern region of Pennsylvania. This battle is designated as being immensely important for its value attached to the result of the American Civil War.

The Confederacy that had been emerging victorious in most of the conflicts part of the Civil War till now, suddenly saw their stance dwindling due to their defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg. Apart from resulting in large scale casualties and being termed as the cruelest segment of the Civil War, many historians regard the Battle of Gettysburg as a crucial deciding factor of the outcome of the destiny of America.

The army of the Union was headed by Major General George Gordon Meade, while the soldiers of the Confederates were headed by General Robert E. Lee. The result of the Battle of Gettysburg had a direct political impact on the course of the Civil War. The outcome of this war in favor of the Northerners completely throttled the political control of the Confederacy over the north, thereby safeguarding the US government. In a historic moment etched in the hearts of the Americans till date, the then US President, Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous speech, the Gettysburg Address at the Gettysburg National Cemetery in Pennsylvania, outlining the importance of this victory.

For the past 3 years of the Civil War, the South had been gradually gaining hold through a series of victories. However, they were still not able to completely defeat the North in order to establish their independence nor had they managed to draw the attention of any of the foreign powers towards them. As a desperate final attempt, General Lee of the Confederacy decided to take the war further into the north. In his mind, he had conceived the idea of entering the North and taking over Philadelphia, which would obviously force the US government to recognize the power of the Confederacy. However, this planning was washed out by General Meade of the Union, who engaged the Confederates in a battle at Gettysburg itself. General Lee failed to correctly estimate the might with which the Northerners safeguarded their homeland. To come to think of it, considering the large discrepancy in the numbers of the soldiers on both sides, the battle was a lost game for Lee right from the start itself. The war supplies and men of the North were much more powerful than those of the South. Another important reason for its worth is that the victory of Gettysburg was doubled by another win of the North on the same day in the form of the fall of Vicksburg.

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Why Is The Battle Of Gettysburg Important




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Battle Of Gettysburg Timeline      It is often said that wars only benefit nations, not the people. Years back in 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg, which was one of the battles fought during the American Civil War, was one conflict that resulted in the maximum loss of human lives and property. As the name itself suggests, the battle took place in and the surrounding areas of Gettysburg. The opposing parties, the Union and the Confederate fought for 3 days between July 1st and 3rd. After a courageous win at Chancellorsville, the Confederates progressed towards Shenandoah Valley with Pennsylvania or Philadelphia as a destination in their minds. However, the defeat of the Confederate army in this battle turned out to be a milestone with respect to the Civil War. More..




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