Timeline Of Prohibition  

While the demand for prohibition started in the 1830s, the law came into effect in 1920. It was anticipated that with the signing of the 18th Amendment, things in the society would change. However, this expectation did not last too long and after having prohibition for 13 years, it was finally repealed when the 21st Amendment was signed into law.

Here is a brief timeline of prohibition in the United States:

1830s: The Temperance Movement gains momentum and begins to advise people to abstain from alcohol.

1851: The state of Maine passes the first law on prohibition.

1855: Thereafter, another 13 states follow the example of Maine and pass laws to ban alcohol.

1869: The National Prohibition Party is set up.

1881: The state of Kansas becomes the first state in the US to have prohibition as a part of its state constitution.

1890: The first member of the National Prohibition Party is elected to the House of Representatives.

1893: The Anti Saloon League is established and many rich people fund the League.

1917: On 18 December, the Senate passes an act known as the Volstead Act, which would help in passing the 18th Amendment.

1918: The US enacts the Wartime Prohibition Act to prevent the grain from being used to brew alcohol. The people and government wanted the grain to be made into bread for the soldiers fighting in the First World War.

1919: The US Congress passes the Volstead Act on 28 October and this paves way to begin enforcing prohibition. Thereafter, the 18th Amendment is ratified.

1920s: Prohibition actually begins across the country, but it proves hard to implement it. During the initial years of the prohibition, organized crime and bootleggers flourished. While steps are taken to tackle those who manufacture, sell and transport alcohol, the number of enforcement officials proves to be insufficient.

1932: Herbert Hoover becomes the Republican presidential nominee and in his acceptance speech highlights the harmful effects of prohibition.

1933: Franklin D Roosevelt puts his signature on the Cullen Harrison Act on 23 March, and this allows the manufacture as well as the sale of some kinds of alcohol. Then, on 5 December, the 21 Amendment is signed and this officially puts an end to prohibition in the US.

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Timeline Of Prohibition




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