Death Of Wright Brothers  

The Wright Brothers did not die together. In fact, the death of the Wright Brothers occurs several years apart. Both brothers did not marry or have any offsprings. As a matter of fact, Wilbur Wright felt that he could not marry and take the responsibility of wife while still being involved with flying. He thought that it was too much for him to handle. He felt that he would not be able to devote time to his wife and kids.

In the year 1912, in the month of April, Wilbur Wright went to Boston for a trip. On returning to Dayton, Ohio, he fell ill and the doctor diagnosed that Wilbur was suffering from typhoid fever. Unfortunately, Wilbur did not recover from the fever and on 30th May 1912 he succumbed to the illness.

Once Wilbur passed away, Orville Wright was named the president of the company. However, without his brother to keep him company, Orville was no longer interested in running the company. He thought that unlike his brother, he was not cut out to be a businessman. So, Orville decided to sell the company and continue experiments on his own at his home in Dayton.

Orville passion was flying and he kept piloting till 1918. Though he went on to retire, he still remained involved with the field of aviation. He ended up becoming a member of many aeronautics committees. Katharine, the other Wright sibling, was considered to be the spokesperson for the entire Wright family and business. When she decided to get married, Orville was so upset that he did not go for the wedding. However, the anger did not last long and Orville continued to depend on her.

Then Katharine fell seriously ill, and Orville refused to visit her. However, another sibling, Lorin, intervened and forced Orville to visit his sister which he did just before she died on 3rd March 1929.

Then in the year 1948, Orville too died after suffering from a second heart attack. Both the Wright Brothers were buried in Dayton, their home town. A memorial was built to honor the two brothers. This memorial is based in North Carolina in Kill Devil Hill.

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Death Of Wright Brothers




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