Facts About The Wright Brothers  

Though the Wright Brothers were interested in aviation from a young age, they did not get to building planes and gliders right away. You may get a surprise to learn some of the facts about the Wright Brothers. Both Orville and Wilbur ventured into printing newspaper called the West Side News. They stayed with this venture till 1896 and then moved on to repairing, manufacturing and racing bicycles. Their company manufactured 3 models, namely Van Cleve, St Clair and Wright Special.

Though Orville and Wilbur were the famous Wright Brothers, they had other siblings too. Two older brothers named Reuchlin and Lorin, and a younger sister named Katharine. All the Wright kids did not have middle names. Wilbur and Orville were named after a couple of churchmen by their father Milton and their mother Susan. Milton was a bishop, while Susan was a homemaker, who was quite well educated. It is believed it was Susan who got the Wright Brothers interested in mechanics and also gave them permission to use Milton's tools.

Some of the inventions credited to the Wright Brothers are as follows:

Wing warping helped to give lateral control to the aircraft and allowed the brothers to turn their aircraft either to the right or the left.

The forward canard was used by the Wright Brothers to provide the up and down movement in their aircrafts.

They conducted wind tunnel tests on airfoil sections of their aircrafts. You may get surprised to learn that this method of testing is used until today.

The Wright Brothers also invented a movable rear rudder that helped to handle adverse yaw.

They also went on to invent and develop the right kind of propeller from their aircrafts. This propeller had an efficiency of around 66 percent, a feat that was not achieved by other inventors.

The first aircraft that the US government bought was one made and designed by the Wright Brothers. This was a biplane that the brothers had dubbed Miss Columbia. It was bought by the government on 30th July 1909 for $25,000. However, the government gave the brothers an additional $5,000 as bonus since their aircraft could attain speeds higher than 40 mph.

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Facts About The Wright Brothers




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