Is There Going To Be A Second Korean War ?  

Was there ever an end to the previous wars between the North and South Koreans? The conflict has always been on a simmer and the two sides have too much at stake in the event of another war. After the first Korean War in 1953, there have been 3 clashes along the northern limit line, in 1999, 2002 and 2009. The allies of the north and south which are China and the US respectively would think hard before submitting their support in the event of a breakout of another war.


The recent incident in 2010 of a torpedo sinking a corvette of the South with dozens of sailors on board was the latest in the list of indulgences of North Korea to periodically ratchet up tensions.  Such irritants have been occurring in the past, but it does not seem to be a motive strong enough to commence a full-fledged war. Sinking of a South Korean vessel and absence of a peace treaty between both sides has definitely brought the tension to an all time high.

Although UN inspectors surveyed North Korea and declared that they were not potential nuclear threats, an attack by North Korea killing civilians and soldiers in Yeongpyeong Island clearly shows their intent. The message delivered was that they still had the ability to hit the South’s economy. Such a vulnerable nation would not be able to attract foreign investments which are vital for their economic growth.

Despite these actions, Kim Jyung II, the leader of North Korea, did not desire a full-fledged war with the South, since this would have caused an end to his regime, and the succession to the chair by his son and continuance of power within the family would become impossible.

South Korea will not want to enter another war since their effort of many years to establish themselves in the economic, financial and technological spheres will be wasted and it would take them forever to rebuild.

In the global perspective, the war between North and South Korea would escalate to war between China and America.

The presence of American forces in Afghanistan, betterment of relations with Russia and a strong ally in Japan will persuade China to evade war as far as possible. Since they are a growing power economically, a war with US would nullify this position and threaten their financial and economical strength.

The American troops are still spread globally in different sectors like Afghanistan and Iraq. To handle war in another theater would be foolhardy. In short, another Korean War is not on the cards.

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