Who Was President During The Korean War ?  

If you want to know who was the US president during the Korean War, you will first have to find out why the war took place. After putting things into perspective, it will give you a clearer picture about the war and what an important role the then US president played.  


The Americans had military forces deployed in South Korea like they did in Japan post the Second World War. South Korea went in for elections and established a government which was weak in economic and military strength. The gradual scaling down of the US forces left a military there with basic weaponry. As compared to this, the North Koreans had an entire range of weaponry and military stronghold with the assistance from communists friends like Russia and China.

The declaration by the Secretary of State of the US in 1950 made it public that the countries which could expect military assistance from the US did not include South Korea. The intent of Kim, the leader in North Korea for unifying Korea, withdrawal of American forces from the south and lack of defense preparedness prompted the North to launch an attack on the South.

The intent of North Korea to bring the South also under communist rule as well as the US policy of containment in the Asian region for non-communist countries prompted the US to take a plunge as an ally to South Korea when requested by the UN. General McArthur who was already heading the American forces stationed in Japan was asked to take on the task of assisting of South Korea with military aid.

Back in the US, Harry .S. Truman was the president who studied the situation of increasing influence of communism which threatened to spread to South Korea as well. He was born in Lamar, Missouri in 1884. He fought in the First World War, and later became an active member of the Democratic Party. He was elected as the Senator in 1934. As the president of US, Truman has his name etched in the books of history for taking the decision of dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. He was also witness to the signing of Charter of United Nations with the hope of preserving world peace.

In the US, he formulated a 21-point program for addressing issues in sectors like social security, full-employment and so on which is famous as Fair Deal.

In 1947, he supported Turkey and Greece which were threatened by communist take over through the famous Truman Doctrine. His strong foreign policy was highlighted in 1948 when he decided to assist Berliners with airlifts till Russians withdrew.

He ensured that the Korean War in 1950 was limited war. He did not allow it to escalate in to a war against Russia and China.

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