Who Won The Korean War ?  

The Korean War was a civil war, and it is difficult to say who won the war exactly as both sides faced heavy losses in terms of lives and money. The war came to an end only due to the efforts of the United Nations, who forced both the nations to sign a peace treaty. The Armistice that was signed in July of 1953 states that there was a peace treaty. Basically, it meant that both North and South Koreas had mutually agreed to end the war on peaceful terms, which were necessarily be amicable terms.

Given the amount of losses probably both the leaders thought that it was the best thing to do. However, many historians and people of Korea themselves believe that the war never ended actually. The tensions on the borders of Korea continued for a long time and even today there are some repercussions.

The communist Korea and democratic Korea never really won against each other. The foundation for the Korean War was laid during the Second World War when Japan occupied the northern parts of Korea. At the end of the World War, the United States and USSR entered Korea and attacked Japan. Japan surrendered and left Korea. However, the Koreans were tired of colonists, and they did not want to be occupied by anyone. So, the United States and USSR thought that Korea should be divided, and they approached the United Nations. The United Nations proposed an election and the Koreans strongly opposed it. This led to terrorism in Korea. However, things continued to get worse because of two warring nations present in Korea, the US and USSR. The United Nations thought it was best to divide these nations and marked the 38th parallel as the boundary. Hence, North Korea and South Korea became two individual nations.

North Korea was supported by USSR, and South Korea by the US. The only reason why the war was fueled for so long because the US did not want communist rule to spread across Asia, and Russia was a communist country.

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Who Won The Korean War




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