American Indian Cultural Awareness  

Awareness about any of the religion especially the religion of one’s own is very important. Native American people are expected to perform really well throughout as expectations are always there from their end that they will be performing well in 2 cultures which sometimes becomes a bit difficult for these people. It is important for the guardians as well as parents that they help their children develop the right attitude and confidence in both these worlds.

A child born and brought up with Native American values should try to know as much as possible about their culture and should follow certain guidelines in order to remain completely aware about this culture. They should first of all develop and encourage respect for nature, their family, and all other living beings. They must listen to their elders while they speak and wait for them to finish before they actually start talking.

American Indian culture mainly focuses on body, spirit, and the mind and encourages keeping a balance among all of them along with their environment. It encourages developing a positive attitude or outlook towards everything and thinking before speaking anything as it believes that the words are really powerful thus should be spoken after due thinking.

The culture believes in protecting and preserving their nature and recognizing the true spirit of all living beings. It also teaches to respect the beliefs of others. People of this culture should remain aware about themselves as a member of a tribe or community and must treat each other as a family.

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American Indian Cultural Awareness




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