Native American Indian Names And Meanings  

The Native American Indian names are unique and astounding in nature. There is a multi-cultural diversity even in the Native American names, if we talk about. There are some astonishing facts about the names which have really originated from the land of India. The translation and the meaning are just amazing to appeal the parents and even the siblings. Though there are some fictional names which are invented and discovered by the authors and novelists. The other thing about the Native American names is that there are few names which actually do not mean anything.

There are about 300 languages of Native America, even also when Columbus had not arrived. Besides this, there have always been controversies for the names used by the Native Americans. Precisely to be more cultural specific, people of America always avoided the outdated and racist terms. Even the term Native American is also now coined as the original Americans or First Nation or First People.

Names like Lakota and Seneca are avoided due to his pan-India roots which may point a particular nation or tribe. The indigenous peoples never accepted the alternatives. It has been noticed that Native American names are viewed to be little longer in meaning than the words in English. ‘Tala’ a Native American name which basically means ‘she dances lightly through the forest’ which may hardly mean it. There are names which are illegitimate and no such tribal origin to its existence.

For example, Chakotay is not a real original name found in the Native America. It is just a sci-fi characters name used in a fiction show called ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. Some websites claim for the name ALAWA, which means "pea" in the language of Algonquin tribes, whereas the word means "anidjìmin."

There are few names like Mika, an intelligent raccoon, can be identified as derived from the languages of Osage. There are some source of Sanskrit origin word like Nayati, means "leader”, and possibly means "binds”, a term mostly used in the field of yoga. But in Native American language it denotes ‘Wrestler’ which is unspecified in their tribes at all. Frequently Hindi and Sanskrit origin names are mistaken as Native American.

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Native American Indian Names And Meanings




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