What Happened During The American Indian Movement ?  

In thirty years of overall history of the American Indian Movement, it has witnessed several great changes due to its impact. This history is basically the formal history just because this movement have been existent for last five hundred years but got a name 30 years ago. The movement had made steady progress all these years and the movement actually transformed policies into programs and thus this organization has served Indians in various communities.

Native Americans were never intended for survival with the settlement of the Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. AIM was the only spiritual base that made things happen for the Native Americans. This movement was basically found for changing the conditions that these tribes were facing. Its basic strength included spirituality and a strong belief in connectedness of all the tribes. During all these thirty years, the organization has created opportunities for many Native Americans throughout America and Canada.

American Indian Movement brought successful suits against federal government towards the protection of rights of Native Americans. The movement is actually built upon the basics of self determination and spirituality. Its other pillars include culture, history, and language. It even developed partnerships for addressing the common requirements of the people and its first requirement was to ensure fulfillment of the treaties made with the U.S.

American Indian Movement has been the basic force behind the improvement in the living conditions of the Native Americans in the US. They are now able to sustain a respectable and dignifies life in whichever part of country they like which was not possible before this movement.

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What Happened During The American Indian Movement




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Who-Founded-The-American-Indian-Movement      American Indian Movement, also referred to as AIM, is basically an organization that fights for the rights of Native Americans and that is the reason that it is also known as the Civil Rights Movement of the Native Americans which was originally found in the year 1968. Its purpose includes encouraging the self determination among the Native Americans and the establishment of international recognition of all their treaty rights. More..




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