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Though there are different opinions regarding the place as well as the date regarding Christopher Columbus’s birth but people generally accept that his birth place is Genoa, Italy and he was born in the year 1451. His father, Domenico Colombo, worked as wool weaver, while his mother was called Susanna Fontanarossa. He had 3 brothers.

Not much information is available regarding his childhood or his early life; there are only a few writings that can be accounted for. Columbus had claimed in various journals that he started off going to sea when he was just 10 years of age. In the year 1485, he actually made an appeal in front of King John II from Portugal regarding funding of his voyages but this appeal was rejected by their side.

He then set expectation from his next appeal but that too was in vain. He had also appealed to Venice and Genoa but none of his efforts turned up useful and he returned just empty handed from all these places. He succeeded in the year 1492 and got people supporting his voyages. He finally left for his voyage on August 3rd, 1492. He returned from this voyage in the year 1493 from Spain and then proceeded for making extravagant descriptions about the islands that were discovered throughout the voyage.

He began his 2nd voyage on September 24th, 1493 from Cadiz. His third voyage had started on May 30th, 1498 whereas he started off with his fourth voyage in the year 1502 to Arzilla. He died on May 20th, 1506. Till the last day of his life, he kept on demanding his 10 percent share of profits that King and the Queen had denied him since the stripping of the Governorship.

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Biography On Christopher Columbus




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Christopher-Columbus-Early-Life      Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa somewhere between the month of August and October in the year 1451. This place is today a part of Italy but during that time, it existed as an independent state as well as a very popular trading center. It was, in fact, the wealthiest city in Western Mediterranean. Though not much is known about his childhood days as well as about his education but there are slight indications that he was quite well schooled. He had actually learnt speaking many languages by the time he matured to an adult. More..




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