Christopher Columbus Early Life  

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa somewhere between the month of August and October in the year 1451. This place is today a part of Italy but during that time, it existed as an independent state as well as a very popular trading center. It was, in fact, the wealthiest city in Western Mediterranean. Though not much is known about his childhood days as well as about his education but there are slight indications that he was quite well schooled. He had actually learnt speaking many languages by the time he matured to an adult.

Columbus’s father was quite a prosperous wool weaver as well as merchant at the same place. He was involved with the buying and selling of the real estate and there are indications that he belonged to a moderately wealthy family. Columbus is known for being a member of weaver’s guild though for some of the unknown reasons, he preferred going to sea during his young age.

He made several voyages and his journey of all such voyages started off at a very young age. He claims that he began sailing at an age of 10 years. It has also been found or indicated that he was either a master or owner of ships on which he used to sailed, another thing that can be found from the sources reveal that he as wither well-connected or was well-off. Columbus married the daughter of one of the Portuguese noblemen who was known as Doña Felipa Perestrello y Moniz.

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Christopher Columbus Early Life




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