What Did Christopher Columbus Discover ?  

Christopher Columbus was perhaps the greatest explorer ever known to the world. He was born in the year 1451 in Genoa and died on the 20th of May in the year 1506. He got married to Dona Felipa in the year 1479 and unfortunately lost his wife after she gave birth to their first boy child. Christopher had 2 brothers and his dad was a wool weaver. When he grew older, he started helping his father with his business.

Columbus had a very little education and he learnt writing and reading only when he turned adult. He had a belief that the world was basically round and not flat. He took seven long years for proving his point to the world. He always wanted to sail in the sea and he used to believe that he could look out for India through westward sailing.

Christopher Columbus is recognized amongst the greatest explorers and sea men throughout the world. He was provided with 3 ships for his very first voyage. He is known for discovering the coast of the South America. In addition to this, he discovered Central America and the West Indies. His other discoveries include Cuba, Bahamas, and Haiti.

On his first sea journey, he traveled towards the west and discovered the Bahamas; he then landed at the New World on October 12th, 1492. During his second voyage, he passed Navidad and Puerto Rico. While on his 3rd voyage he discovered Jamaica and South America, in the fourth voyage, he found Honduras and Guanaja Island.

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What Did Christopher Columbus Discover




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