When Did Christopher Columbus Discover America ?  

Christopher Columbus, a very popular navigator, explorer, and colonizer from Genoa led to several voyages and so several discoveries that he made in all his voyages one after another. Though Christopher Columbus was not the very first explorer reaching Americas from Europe, his voyages helped to mold the future of the European colonization and also motivated the Europeans to explore more foreign places many centuries later.

The actual timeframe when Christopher Columbus discovered America depends on the fact how the word ‘America’ is taken as. He set sail for his voyage on the 3rd of August in the year 1492 with a view that he was about to explore East Indies. On 12th of October, he arrived and landed in the ‘Americas’ in the West Indies. However, he managed to reach the mainland of the South America only after his 3rd voyage in the year 1498. Then he made to the mainlands of North America during his 4th voyage in the year 1502.

He never ever reached any of the parts of the mainland US, but he did manage to land in Puerto Rico while he was on his second voyage in the year 1493.

The anniversary of his landing in the year 1492 in the Americas is mainly observed as the Columbus Day which is celebrated throughout on October 12th. As far as the US is concerned, it is observed on annual basis on every second Monday in the month of October. This is all about his discovery regarding America.

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When Did Christopher Columbus Discover America




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