When Was Christopher Columbus Born ?  

Christopher Columbus was born to a middle-class wool weaver Domenico Colombo in Genoa. His birth date was postulated between August 25 and October 31, 1451. Genoa was earlier an independent state and the richest city in the western region of the Mediterranean. Presently, this place is part of Italy. Susanna Fontanarossa was his mother.

There are historians and experts who have argued about the existence of Columbus birthplace. Indeed they believe he was from Portugal, Spain or Catalonia. As Columbus knew several languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan, it was difficult to make out his nationality though the Ligurian was the native language of Genoa.

There are numerous original family documents in the provincial archive of Genoa. Even eludes his originality as the history itself doubts about his real birthplace. Records speak about that Christopher Columbus never studied in the University of Palvia. Attending a school in the district of Paverano at Genoa may be a true fact of him. Bartolomé de Las Casas, a family friend asserted there was some Genoese origin in his Father’s biography.

In 1493, the ambassadors of Genoa, in Barcelona did not consider Columbus as a fellow citizen of the country. As like other eminent foreigners, the royal patrons of Columbus never referred his nationality. Although the Biography of Columbus which has its original version in Spanish has not been found but Hernando, son of Columbus questioned of his origins in murkiness. According to some historians, there was no knowledge who has written the early chapter of that book.

Few other evidences of being Genoese origin was his will dated February 22, 1948 where he mentioned "yo nacio en Genoba” that means he was born in Genoa. Samuel Eliot, a Historian penned that there are legal documents which make obvious the Genoese originality of Columbus in his book "Admiral of the Ocean Sea".

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When Was Christopher Columbus Born




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