List Of Greek Gods Goddesses  

Here is a list of Greek gods and goddess in alphabetical order. This list will help you figure out which were the gods and goddesses worshipped by the ancient Greeks.

List of Greek Gods and Goddesses:

Ares - the god of war
Atlas - the Titan who shouldered the world on his shoulders
Achelous - god of the river with the same name
Anemoi (Venti) - the nonspecific name of the wind gods
Asklepios - god of Medicine
Boreas - god of the Northern Wind
Briareus - a Giant
Chaos - the initial Chaos
Charon - a genius of the Underworld
Chronos - the god of time
Dionysus - the god of wine and agriculture
Eros - the god of love
Glaucus - a sea-god
Hades - the god of the dead
Hephaistos - the god of fire
Hermaphroditus - the son of Hermes and Aphrodite
Hermes - the messenger of the gods
Hopladamos - one of the Gigantes, who accompanied Rhea when she was pregnant with Zeus
Hymenaios - Although a mortal was worshipped as the god of marriage ceremony
Hypnos - personification of sleep
Iacchus or Iakkhos - a god related to the Eleusinian mysteries
Ismenos or Ismenus - the god of the river with the same name located in Boeotia
Istros - the god of the river Danube
Ladon - the god of the river with the same name, in Arcadia
Marsyas - a satyr who loved music to death
Meander or Maiandros - the god of the river Meander
Morpheus - the god of sleep
Nereus - a Titan who was the father of the Nereids
Notus - the god of the South wind
Oceanus or Okeanos - a Titan, personification of the river which encircled the world
Oneiroi - the dreams
Pan - the god of the shepherds
Peneus - the god of the river with the same name, in Thessalia
Penthos - the spirit of grief, mourning and tears
Pikolous - a giant who was turned into the plant called the Moli
Plutus - the personification of wealth
Pontus or Pontos - a sea god
Poseidon - the god of the sea
Priapus - a god of fertility
Prometheus - the Titan who was responsible for giving man fire
Proteus - an Old Man of the Sea, and a sea god who was a shape changer
Uranus - the personification of the sky and heavens
Zephyrus - the god of the West Wind
Zeus - the ruler of all the gods

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