Apollo Family Tree  

Apollo is considered the greatest of gods according to the Greek mythology. He is the god of oracles, prophecies, diseases, music and healing. He also promotes arts, poetry, and archery and protects the young people. Apollo had many children and a big family. It was normal for the people of ancient Greece to worship Apollo before they commenced any important work. Mostly Apollo’s children were likened to him for the sake of reference and several of them were known for their specialized skills.

Here is a list of Apollo’s children and his family tree.

Aristae’s was the god of beekeeping.
Asklepios was the god of medicine
Khariklo was Apollo's daughter
Skylla was the daughter of Apollo and Hecate
Agreus was the lord of Dirphe in Euboia
Amphiaraus was the prince of Argos
Amphissos was the king of Dryopia
Amphithemis was the king of the Garamonian tribe
Anios was the king of Delos
Apis was an early king of Argos
Asklepios was a prince and physician of Oikhalia
Brankhos was the priest of the oracle
Delphos was the lord of Delphoi
Doros was the king of the Kouretes
Dryops was the eponymous king of Dryopia
Eleuther was the bard of Boiotia
Eriopis was the princess of Messenia
Hilaeira was the princess of Messenia
Iamos was the seer of Arkadia
Idmon was a seer of Argos
Ileus was a Trojan lord
Ion was the prince of Athens
Ismenos was a priest of the oracle
Kentauros was the lord of the Lapithai tribe
Khairon was a lord
Koronos was the king of Sikyonia
Kyknos was a mortal
Lapithes was a king
Laokokos was the king of the Kouretes
Leukippides was one of the two Messenian

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Apollo Family Tree




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