Facts About Greek God Apollo  

Apollo is the Greek god of prophecies, diseases and also the god of healer. The Olympic and the Delphi games were dedicated to him. He was a young man with golden curly hair. He was the son of Zeus. Apollo was very brave and he killed a monstrous snake called the python.

The symbol of Apollo is the lyre and the sun itself. He was a fierce god and an ardent lover of women. He is also represented by the bow and the chariot that is driven across the skies every night, and it is known to have been borrowed from previous Greek sun god called Helios. Apollo is considered very handsome and also the most beautiful of all the gods. He supported all civilizations and arts.

Apollo was very similar to his father Zeus in his nature. He would enjoy the nymphs and had several women in his life. Apollo was born on an island called Delos. He also has a twin sister called Artemis. Apollo fell in love with several women but married none. However, he had sons from his women like Orpheus and Asklepios. Some of his sons were mortals. The island Delos was considered sacred after his birth, but most of the temples have been ruined and nothing remains there today. Some of the temples of Apollo that can be found even today are in Delphi. Zeus is the supreme god and Apollo being his son he is also considered supreme. Apollo delphinium is the dolphin form of Apollo and he destroyed a python despite its high location.

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Facts About Greek God Apollo




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Symbols-For-Apollo      Apollo is the Greek god of prophecies, and predictions. He was also the patron god of youngsters, the lord of games and arts. He also was the god of diseases and healing. Apollo is a very important god of Greek mythology, and is represented by many forms and symbols. Apollo was considered as the most beautiful god of all the Greek gods. He is all famous as the son of Zeus who defeated the ancient god Titans. He was an extremely popular god so there were several representations of him. More..




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