Why Did Apollo Kill Achilles ?  

Apollo is an important mythological god of Greece and there are several mythological stories about him. Apollo is called the god of prophecies and oracles, diseases and healing, arts and athletes. He is also the patron god of youngsters. People who ever worshipped Apollo had strength and courage. He is one of he most beautiful gods in the Greek mythology.

Apollo is also a youthful god and was blessed with everlasting youth. Achilles was one of the Greek warriors and heroes. When Achilles was born he was blessed with immense courage and that nobody can kill him. Achilles, however, had one weak point in his foot and if someone had to strike him there they could kill him. This boon was given to him by Apollo. However, Achilles had no regard for the gods and did not believe in them. When attacking Troy in the Trojan War, he got into the temple of Apollo and looted it. This angered Apollo and killed him by shooting an arrow in his foot.

Another legend says that Apollo was disguised as Paris when he came to kill him and many people thought that Paris killed him. Some myths say Paris shot the arrow and Apollo guided it. There are several myths that claim Apollo was responsible for killing Achilles. Achilles fell in love with one of the maids who served Apollo’s temple and the angered god sacrificed the girl on Achilles' grave. Achilles could never have been killed by any of the warriors or common man if not for Apollo.

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Why Did Apollo Kill Achilles




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Apollo-Family-Tree      Apollo is considered the greatest of gods according to the Greek mythology. He is the god of oracles, prophecies, diseases, music and healing. He also promotes arts, poetry, and archery and protects the young people. Apollo had many children and a big family. It was normal for the people of ancient Greece to worship Apollo before they commenced any important work. Mostly Apollo’s children were likened to him for the sake of reference and several of them were known for their specialized skills. More..




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