Eros And Beauty  

Eros is one of the Greek mythological gods who represents love and sex and desire. He was also worshipped as the god of fertility by ancient Greeks. Eros means sexual desire in common language. Eros is also one of the oldest gods primeval to chaos. He is also sometimes referred to as the first born.

There are several variations in Greek mythology about who really were the parents of Eros. According to the Aristophanes or the birds, he was born out of Erebus and Nyx. In the later mythological scripts, Eros was born to Aphrodite and Ares. In some of the depictions Eros was mentioned as the attendant to Aphrodite.

The depictions of Eros always show him as a young boy with a bow and arrow. He would shoot the arrows at the gods and mortals and would rouse their desire. He had two types of arrows, a golden arrow with dove feathers and a leaden arrow with the feathers of the owl which would cause indifferences. Eros is a bitter and sweet god and he was extremely cruel with his victims. He was also considered as a very beautiful god and had a lot of charms. He was considered as dangerous for people around him. Eros was also very mischievous and popular for wounding people’s hearts.

According to the legend of Eros, even he fell in love. According to the legend Eros was always by the side of his mother Aphrodite assisting in all her devious schemes. Aphrodite was jealous with Psyche's beauty and requested her son Eros to shoot her with an arrow so that she falls in love with the ugliest looking man in the world.

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Eros And Beauty




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Eros-Greek-God-Family-Tree      Eros is the god of love and sexual desire according to the Greek mythology. He is a small boy with wings and a bow and arrow according to the depictions. In some of the earlier depictions he is also shown as a beautiful full grown man. He is also shown riding the dolphin or the lion. He is a very beautiful and inspiring god. He is also known to be capricious and makes humans fall in love randomly. More..




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