What Does Hades Look Like ?  

Hades is known by several other names such as Aides, Aidoneus, Pluto the rich god and Ditis Pater. He is the god of riches and wealth. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and has several siblings like Demeter, Heista, Zeus and Poseidon. Hades never had any children and no stories have ever depicted about him having children.

He was married to Persephone for a long time. Hades and Zeus never did anything without each others permission. They looked alike in several ways. Hades is also mistaken for Thanatos who is the god of death frequently.

He has two pronged spears which are shaped like a trident but it does not have a middle fork. He has a crow, scepter and a golden chariot with black horses. He also holds a narcissus, mint, poplar and Cyprus.

Hades has been involved in several mythological stories, including the Trojan War but the most popular of them all is rape of Persephone. He forcefully carries her off and marries her.
Since he is the god of wealth, he is richly dressed with jewels all the time. He is the god of the dead, so he is feared and often people do not speak about him.

He is portrayed with dark hair and has a serious and depressing look. He has a strong and muscular body and has a long beard. Hades is a faithful husband to his wife and deeply loved Persephone. Hades was never spoken much about in Greek Mythology and yet he was one of the most important of the gods and the ruler of one third of the Universe.

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What Does Hades Look Like




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