Facts About Poseidon  

Poseidon is the god of the sea according to Greek mythology. Poseidon holds a very important place in Greek mythology and he is as important as Zeus. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades. Poseidon is the son of Cronus, the god of time, and Rhea, the god mother.

Cronus swallowed all his children at birth as there was a prophecy that Cronus would be slayed by his son. Poseidon was one of the kids swallowed. However, Rhea somehow managed to save Zeus from being swallowed by Cronus at birth. She hid him away on an island where he grew up. In connivance with his mother, Zeus gave Cronus a potion which made him regurgitate all the offsprings he had swallowed. After that Poseidon helped his brother Zeus along with Hades to drive out the Titans from the universe. After returning victoriously, all the three brothers shared the universe among themselves, and Poseidon became the lord of the sea.

Poseidon stayed under waters along with his wife Amphitricha. His entire palace was supposedly made of pearls and gems. Some of the symbols of Poseidon are tridents and dolphins. Legend has it that if Poseidon was angry with someone, he would strike his trident to the ground and it would cause earthquakes and sink ships. He was also known to be the caretaker of the Oracle.

Poseidon and Athena were in competition to win over the favor of the mortals. For this, Poseidon made horses, while Athena made olives, which more popular than the horses. So, the city was named Athens after Athena, but even then Poseidon was thanked for the creation of the horse. He is also associated with earthquakes and volcanoes. Poseidon is the father of Arion, who was part horse and part unicorn.

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Facts About Poseidon




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Poseidon-Greek-God-Family-Tree      According to the Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea. He was the source of fresh water, sea animals and horses and also caused earthquakes. According to mythological stories, when Poseidon got angry, he would strike his trident on the ground and it would cause earthquakes and sink ships. The trident was one of the symbols of Poseidon. More..




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