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In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea. His symbols are the bearded old man and he is always pictured with sea shells and sea animals. In several portraits, he is shown holding a trident and also along with dolphins. The famous symbol of Poseidon is the three pronged fish trident. He used this trident when he was angry and struck the ground with it. When he did that, he caused earthquakes and ship wrecks at sea.

When the sea was furious, it usually meant that Poseidon was furious. Poseidon was also associated with the horses and is also credited for creating them. He created the horses to make the people of Athens happy. He was in competition with the goddess of war, Athena, to make the people happy. He created the horse, while Athena created olives. The people were happier with the olives, so they named the city after Athena and worshipped her.

Horses are sacrificed in the sea to honor Poseidon by warriors and sea farers. A temple for Poseidon overlooking the sea was built in Cape Sounion, and it is there even today. It is one of the most popular temples for tourists to visit.

Poseidon was a very creative god and created several beautiful creatures in the sea. However, he was also a very moody god and he had a war mongering attitude. The biggest strength of Poseidon as a god was his creativity. He had a weakness for women also, just like Zeus.

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Symbol For Poseidon




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