Birth Of Aphrodite  

Aphrodite, the goddess of love as called by the Greek’s has many descriptions of her birth as told by the mythology storytellers of the Greek and also her part in the events like the Trojan War.

It is believed by the early roman and Greek writers that Aphrodite was born in the southwest of Cyprus, in a coastal city called Paphos.

It is said that she belonged to Ouranos’ as his son removed his genitals and threw them into the sea. From the foam was born the goddess of love named Aphrodite, and she got to the shore in a scallop shell.

She landed in the shore of Paphos which was an ancient town. There is also another description that shows her as Zeus’s daughter and Thalassa, and she is said to be born in Paphos. There is another version which says that she was the daughter of Dione and Zeus.

Greek mythology also explains about the Aphrodite rock located on the beach which is pebbled near the Pissouri at the west end of the Paphos district. There are 2 giant rocks located on the shore, and lots of artists and poets were inspired to create. One of them is the Birth of Venus created by Sandro Boticelli.

As per the legends the rock is said to be formed by the naked Aphrodite when she was washed from the sea that was carried by scallop shell. This proves that the formation of the rock is the birth place of Aphrodite.

It is believed that if a person swims in the region where the rocks are located at least 3 times in the night on full moon day, that person will get the gift of eternal beauty. It also says that the one can find true love if they swim once around the rock of Aphrodite.

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Birth Of Aphrodite




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