Facts About Aphrodite  

The Greeks believed that Aphrodite was a spiteful and dangerous god although she is beautiful. Love was in their understanding was a mixture of happiness and sorrow. They believed that same sex friendship lasts for long time than the romantic love between a man and women.

Aphrodite did not any respect or the bond of friendship with other women. Aphrodite was despised by the Olympus goddesses and the other mortal woman feared her. Although she was beautiful, nobody loved her because behind her beauty was a jealous, mean spirited and vain. She was the cause of the Trojan War.

The Romans who called Aphrodite as Venus believed that she was not as cruel and as deceitful as the Greeks thought. This was reflection of their humanity. The Romans were also positive regarding the relationship between the male and female when compared to Greeks.

Ares and Aphrodite were said to have 3 children among whom one was good and the other two nasty. They were named Phobos, Deimos and Harmonia.

Ares and Aphrodite slept on the bed of Hephaestus secretly. Hephaestus was the husband of Aphrodite. Helios sees this and told this to Hephaestus. And Hephaestus plans a trap in which he uses a bronze net to get them naked in front of everybody. After the trap he asks for the gifts standing in front of the Olympians. After the two were freed, Aphrodite goes to the sacred precinct on the Cyprus and takes bath by the graces and Ares goes back to Thrace ward. Observing the shameful trap, Hermes was asked by Apollo what was his feeling in this kind of situation. To which he replies that his suffering will be thrice the number of bonds if he shared the bed with Aphrodite.

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Facts About Aphrodite




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