Interesting Facts About Aphrodite  

Aphrodite was a great beauty and was called the goddess of love and romance. She had very appealing physical features, and she was portrayed as a flawless beauty with eternal youth in the early Greek myths. Here are some facts about her relation with husband and with the king of gods, Zeus.

Aphrodite was said to have the girdle, which carried magical powers that was responsible for people falling in love. Aphrodite was also called Cythera (lady of Cythera) and Cyprus (lady of Cyprus) based on the two locations where she is said to be born. According to the roman mythology Aphrodite was called Venus. The goddess of Egypt, Hathor is depicted as equal to Aphrodite within Romans.

There are many versions about the birth of Aphrodite. One of the versions is that she us daughter of Dione and Zeus. Another version, according to poet Hesiod, is that her birth happened when Cronus removed the genitals of Ouranos and threw them in the sea. And then, Aphrodite was washed from the ocean onto the shore from sea foam.

She got married to Hephaestus, the god of blacksmith; Aphrodite was Eros' mother, who was the god of love who brought lovers together using the love dart.

Many gods avoided marrying Aphrodite because of her beauty which may lead to war between the Olympians. So to avoid any war, Zeus married off Aphrodite to Hephaestus because he was lame. She was unhappy with the marriage and found comfort with other gods like the god of war, Ares.

The birds which are sacred according to the goddess of love are the myrtles, swans, sparrows and doves.

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Interesting Facts About Aphrodite




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