Hera Symbol  

Hera is symbolized with 3 symbols. The first is the cuckoo, which is a bird related to springtime. At a Creatan colony named Mycene on the mainland of Greece, there are small temples with cuckoos buried in the ruins with the statuettes of a goddess who is naked with the cuckoos in her arms.

The next symbol is peacock. The feature of vigilance in Hera is symbolized with peacock and with the eyes it has in the feathers. It was the holy symbol of Hera and it went around in the Hera’s temple. The peacock is related to summer and it symbolizes the second phase of a Hera the phase of mother.

The third and the final symbol of Hera is pomegranate which is also the symbol of Persephone. She is frequently portrayed along with pomegranate but the myths do not describe about its significance. This fruit when ripened in the later part of the year represents the late years of a woman. The red juicy seeds are related to blood and it is called the food for dead in some places in Greece.

There are also other symbols like cows and lilies symbolizing Hera. During the ancient times in Greece in the temple of Hera in Argos, the priestesses got the lilies from the valley and made them into a garland and decorated her alter. The lily symbolizes feminism and can be offered to the goddess. The cow which is not used often as a symbol of Hera is related to her because it is said that she has cow eyes and she is said to disguise as cow in one of the myths. Apple is also used as the symbol of Hera.

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Hera Symbol




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