Angola Geography And History  

When traveling to Angola or for that reason to any country it is important to know the geography of that country. Angola which is called republic of Angola is in West Africa on the south Atlantic coast. The capital of Angola is Luanda. It is bordered with Namibia, democratic republic of Congo and Zambia. The country Angola is spread over 1246700 square kilometers.

The Angola topography revels that the northern part and the Cabinda region has rain forest. There is a dry coastal plain which extends from Luanda to Namibia. The interiors of Angola are covered with the wet highlands and the arid savanna. Many rivers, including Zambezi River, originate from the Congo River.

There is a lot of geographical diversity in country Angola. Some of the places have a flat coastline which is interrupted by the low cliffs of the red sandstone. The deep streams which are cut along the plain are known as Little Fish Bay, Great Fish Bay and Lobito Bay. There are a lot of shallow inlets from the sea.

The interior of the terrain in Angola is filled with mountains and hills rising from the coastal lowland. This region is divided into 2 parts by Cuanza River. The north part is raised from the lowlands of the coastal area whose average height is 500 meters. The mountains start from the eastern part of Luanda and extend to the south part of Namibia.

Most of the landscape in Angola is dominated by the high plateau located on the eastern part of mountains. Some regions of the Humpata highland and Benguela plateau are about 2500 meters in height.

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Angola Geography And History




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