History Of Angola And Us Relations  

There are relations internationally between the United States and Angola. There was tension in this relationship at the time of the Angolan civil war. In the early 1970s, the United States has given support to FLNA and UNITA, who were the rebels against the ruling political party, when the two groups called the popular movement for the liberation of Angola.

The republican president ford planned to counter the communist Cuba when they were known to be mixed up with 30000 troops in Angola. This was permanently let down by Tunney/Clarck amendment which was passed by the democratic congress which forbids any involvement.

The United States was against the membership of Angola in the United Nations as it declared as independent in the year 1975 and accepted in 1976 December. Angola didn’t maintain any formal relationship with United States till 1993.

Castro explained the attitude of the United States. He wanted to know why the US was angry and why they had planned to possession of the country before November 11. Castro claimed that Angola was a country rich in resources. In Cabinda, there is plenty of oil. He claimed that the US thought that Cuba was helping Angola due to vested interests, that is Cuba wanted access to the country's oil, copper, diamonds or other natural resources. However, he explained that there was no vested interest, and it was plain logic that the US would never understand. Castro further added by assisting the Angolans, Cuba was fulfilling its fundamental duty towards internationalism.

On 27 June 1975, a meeting was held by the national state council which was attended by the president Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, the then Secretary of State, James Schlesinger, the Secretary of Defense, and William Egan Colby, the Director of CIA. They discussed about the development going on in Angola after they got to know that Soviet Union was aiding the MPLA. They got to know that the Portuguese had moved out of this country. It was obvious that if the capital is owned, the country is owned in comparison with the Leopoldville held by the US with its allies.

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History Of Angola And Us Relations




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