History Of Switzerland  

Switzerland, a small nation located at the center of Central Europe, shares a significant part of its history with its four neighbors, namely Austria, Italy, France, and Germany. Switzerland’s history can be traced back to the Stone Age (around 350,000 BC), when the land was inhabited predominantly by hunters. In fact, ‘Confoederatio Helvetica’, the Latin name of the country, has been derived from the name the Celtic tribe, the Helvetians, which were among the first few tribes to settle in this part of the world.

However, it was only around 400 AD, after the collapse of Roman Empire that the present-day ‘native’ population began to settle down in Switzerland. This period is often termed by historians as the era of Germanic Migration of Nations. The Old Swiss Confederation was established in the first half of August, 1291. Till date, August 1 is celebrated every year as national holiday to commemorate this significant milestone in the remarkable history of the country of Switzerland. In the year 1648, European Pace Treaty was signed between various countries, thereby officially accepting Switzerland as one among the many independent nations of Europe.

Initially, a large part of the country was dominated by a small group of privileged families and cities. However, this rule was brought to an end by the historical Swiss Revolution and the establishment of Helvetic Republic. The 1815 Vienna Congress put an end to the Napoleonic wars and officially defined the country’s borders and neutrality. The modern Swiss Federal Constitution was put in place in 1848 and has been amended twice since then, once in the year 1874 and the second time in 1999.

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History Of Switzerland




History-Of-The-Switzerland-Flag      While the history of Switzerland can be traced back to 1291, that of its national flag dates back only to 1889. Nonetheless, the modern Swiss Flag variations can be traced back to the year 1815. Interestingly, the flag’s design of a centrally placed white cross against a red background originated in the fifteenth century and its underlying concept evolved even earlier, in the fourth century. More..




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