Difference Between Anglo Saxons And Celts  

Historically, the terminology ‘Anglo Saxon’ signifies the Germanic tribes that invaded and settled in Britain in the 5th century. This very term also encompasses 3 distinct tribes namely; the Angles hailing from Angeln, the Saxons belonging to Saxony and finally the Jutes hailing from Jutland peninsula.

In contrast to this term, another term called ‘Angloceltic’ illustrates the ethnicities native to Britain and Ireland and also incorporates the diaspora positioned in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. However, this terminology does not encompass the celtic people residing in the mainland continent. Broadly speaking, the Anglo Saxons and Celtic both fall under the head of Angloceltic.

The term Angloceltic is a commonly used vocabulary in Australia, denoting individuals having British or Irish lineage. People with such kind of ancestry are found in high proportions in Australia and this sect of the community is believed to form 80 percent of the country’s population. In comparison to Australia, this term holds lesser significance in the US and Canada. In fact, this term is rarely used in current times. As on date, perhaps it only finds its way in pages highlighting historical events.

These invading Germananic tribes were rated far superior than the colonized individuals; thereby adding a tinge of racism to the terminology of Angloceltic. The Anglo Saxon reign stretched from the 5th century to the year 1066. The Battle of Hastings marked the culmination of this rule and the commencement of the Norman Rule. Nevertheless, owing to the large span of its rule that is six centuries, the influence of the Anglo Saxon era was apparent for a long time in various aspects such as the Britain law, its language and traditions.

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Difference Between Anglo Saxons And Celts




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