Where Did The Anglo Saxons Come From ?  

The pillaging of the east coast by the Anglo-Saxons in the fourth century marks their advent in England. The imminent Anglo Saxon tribes included the Saxons hailing from north Germany, and the Angles and Jutes belonging to Denmark and northern Holland. The inhabitation of England by the Anglo Saxons commenced in 450 and by the sixth century the regions of Kent and Hampshire were under the Jutes; the kingdoms of Sussex, Wessex, Middlesex and Essex were under the supremacy of the Saxons; and the Angles established their authority in the northern and eastern sectors of England.

The settlement of the Anglo Saxons was facilitated by the raiding of Britain under the control of the Romans conducted by the Germanic tribes from northwestern Europe. In the beginning of the 5th century, the Roman forces were recalled from Britain in order to save their supremacy in their home grounds, which marked the end of the Roman control in the region. The withdrawal of the Roman forces ushered in the era of the Anglo Saxons, who sailed across the North Sea to inhabit the country.

Amongst the Anglo Saxons, the Jutes were the first tribe to settle on Britain's eastern coast in 449. The next two centuries witnessed a constant influx of Teutonic invaders, who gained entry via the inland rivers. The devastation caused by these invasions completely destroyed the legacy of the Roman civilization. The influence of the Romans gradually disappeared and the Anglo Saxon effect could be perceived in the language, religion, and traditions of the place. By 613, Britain completely came under the control of the Anglo Saxons.

While in the beginning, the domain was segregated into kingdoms and sub-kingdoms, the country was bifurcated into four main kingdoms in the 9th century. These included Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia and Wessex. The Viking assault swept off all the other kingdoms except for Wessex. The death of the ruler of the Vikings, Eric Bloodaxe, by the forces of Wessex in the year 954 marked the unification of England under one head that is king Edred.

Although the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons, who were in control of the region prior to the Roman occupation, were both barbarians, the Anglo Saxons were certainly more progressive in contrast to the Britons, who were primarily rural in their outlook.

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Where Did The Anglo Saxons Come From




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