Is King Arthur A Real Person ?  

Many of us have read about King Arthur and his brave knights. However, we seem to think was he real and did such a person exist in realty. In the books it is written as king Arthur lived along with his knights in a huge castle called Camelot. King Arthur probably lived during the 5th century and he was the main and chief warrior who protected his people from the invaders. Also, there are indications that the Battle of Camlan is connected to King Arthur.

However, where exactly King Arthur came from is not clear; and he could have come anywhere from Cornwall, Wales, or southern or northern England. It is believed that King Arthur's parents were Uther Pendragon and Ygraine from Cornwall, but he was Celtic in origin. Later on the Tudors also traced their origins to King Arthur actually.

Whether King Arthur was real or a mythical character, his heroic endeavors have had a great influence on literature. The main story of king Arthur revolves around his bravery and then his falling in love with queen Guinevere and late on it goes on to queen Guinevere’s adultery with Lancelot. Lancelot was known to be the most noble of all knights. The fall of King Arthur was finally brought down by Mordred and his treacherous ways.

According to the Historia Brittanum Arthur mainly fought the Saxons. He was the leader in battles. The text also lists a number of other battles that were fought by King Arthur. He has always been portrayed as a great warrior. Arthur and his knights have been researched extensively. The result was that he could have been the greatest king who rules different regions in the south and the midlands. Also, King Arthur could have mainly worked for the Roman Catholic Church. However, he did not work for any religion or any person. He would go on the missions sent by the church in Rome. He also cared for his knights deeply and made sure they were always happy. The knights were very faithful to King Arthur and they never split from him. There were five knights in King Arthur’s team. All the five knights decided on everything they would do and also plan the fight for the war. King Arthur was not known to make any decisions without the agreement of his knights. They played a key role in his winning wars.

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Is King Arthur A Real Person




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