Elizabethan Theatre And Shakespeare  

At the time when theater and poetry was flourishing in England it was called the golden age. People were very creative and poetry, art., drama and everything connected with literature flourished. It was the main source of entertainment for people. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed this kind of performances and also encouraged the artistes in her kingdom by rewarding them richly.

Also, Shakespeare and the word theater were intricately bound with each other during that time. Besides Shakespeare, there were several playwrights who used to pen down plays and theater performances. One of the most popular playwrights during that period was Christopher Marlowe. He was also considered as a superior to Shakespeare at that time. However, Marlowe died at a very young age and his career was cut short. The authorities of London did not give permission to host plays within the limits of the city as theaters had a bad reputation. So, many theaters started opening up in Southwark, which was across Thames, and was also outside the realms of the city administration. Sometimes, plays were also performed in the noblemen’s houses. However, the noble had to be very careful about the selection he made.

Even open air play houses started opening up in London and many like the rose or the hope opened up. The most famous and most visited playhouse was the Globe, and it was built by a company in which even the great Shakespeare held a stake. The most important period in the history of playwright was the play on Henry VIII, and it was performed on stage in the year 1592.

There were totally 23 plays performed by Shakespeare’s artists and they also included famous ones like Romeo and Juliet, the Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Macbeth and Julius Cesar. Shakespeare wrote several plays about the kings of England. The theaters that were formed drew a large number of crowds and people turned up in thousands. This included everyone from the rich, noble and the royal. So, theater became one of the main forms of entertainment for the people of England.

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Elizabethan Theatre And Shakespeare




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