Brief History South America And Slavery  

South America has a rich history and at the same time the part of history also includes severe exploitation. In 950 AD, people were captured in South Africa and were taken to South America and established a transatlantic slavery pattern. Slavery was mainly preferred because sugarcane was widely cultivated in South America, and it was also in high demand. They wanted laborers to work in the sugar cane fields, and that is why several slaves were taken to South America. Along with sugar cane, a few other crops were also grown in South America and it had a severe dearth of labor.

Historians believe that nearly 11 to 12 million slaves were brought into South America in Ships across the Atlantic to what was called the New World back then. It was mainly South America and the islands of the Caribbean. The transportation of slaves from Africa continued until 1807 by the British. Slavery was officially abolished by the British only in 1834. So, we can easily say that slaves have been exported to South America for nearly 173 years. Also, even the United States abolished slavery much later to the British, in 1863.

Portugal was the first country to set up colonies along the Atlantic coast of Africa. This made it convenient for the British to export slaves. Several women and children were also taken to work in the sugar fields. Eventually in South America, the slave population was much higher than any other population including the Americans and the British.

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Brief History South America And Slavery




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Brief History South America And Slavery )
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