Will America Go To War With Iran ?  

International relationships between countries are intricate and delicate. Amitai Etzioni, a professor in the George Washington University, in Washington D.C., believes that Iran’s atomic development only aims at bombing the non-nuclear facilities. President Obama has put in repeated efforts in maintaining a dialogue with Iran but US has failed. If the same phase continues, there is a danger that the US might lose its dominance over Tehran and the Middle East.


There are four possible ways to respond to Iran by the United States according to a published journal called Military Review Journal. The answer for Iran’s nuclear program would be to engage, sanction, deterrence or military strikes. It is also concluded that the engagement with Iran has failed, and the sanctions are not going to work either. The only way left is to deter them by launching strikes on Iran’s proposed nuclear plants. Even though these plans are likely to remain ineffective and can further delay the program.

The strikes on Iran need not be a direct answer to the nuclear program, according to the proposed plan.

If the United States has to take steady action, it would mean launching a fully fledged war on Iran. However, it is not the best of the strategies because any day, sitting across the table and solving the problems amicably seems the best one. Also, Israel’s best interests are put to danger by such a decision. The United States clearly states that, they do not want Iran to possess any Nuclear Weapon. It could be devastating for the entire world.

Some people believe that Israel should control the nuclear sites in Iran and stop them from developing and some think United States should do it. Also some experts believe a coalition between Israel and the United States is the best option. When the matters are so delicate, coalition seems doubtful, according to the UN.

Several countries in the Middle East believe that the US would be forced to leave the region sooner or later. It cannot stay on indefinitely in Iraq. Furthermore, Pakistan is not supportive and suspicious of the US intentions, but Syria and Turkey are two countries that are steadily moving towards Iran. There are possibilities that the next super power in the Middle East would be Iran. Even if the nuclear issue is put to rest, the chances of the US losing its oil resources and power in the Middle East comes under the scanner and this may start a war between America and Iran.

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Will America Go To War With Iran




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