Was Us Wrong To Enter The First World War ?  

The First World War effected Europe very badly. The Russian Empire as well as the Austro-Hungarian Empire was eliminated. The Empires were broken down into new states; communism had taken root in Eastern Europe; Britain and France gained new territories from the Central Powers, which lost majority of their resources and territories. However, the effects of the First World War were felt in the US too. And, these effects caused the US to enter the war. At the time the US entered the war, many people were for it. However, in hindsight, some people felt that the decision was wrong.

Initially, the US was neutral, but the war helped its industry to grow. Furthermore, women's movement moved forward and the government began using new foreign policies. The US saw the war as an opportunity to lend support to the warring countries. Hence, the manufacturing sector concentrated on products that could help the warring nations, the governments and the people. This allowed more employment opportunities to open for women and African American.

Once the US joined the war, men were drafted and this caused a reduction in number of men who could work in factories. So, women and African Americans were hired to fulfill the shortage of labor. The manufacturing sector soared and this had a positive effect on the economy of the country. However, as the World War I came to an end, manufacturing sector saw a decline. The demand for workers reduced and several women stopped working. The increase in unemployment laid the foundation for the Great Depression.

When the First World War started, warfare technology had advanced. For the first time, heavy artillery fire and biological weapons were used. This was the reason why so many soldiers lost their lives. After the war finished, the US government as well as the population was felt that the nation had been too hasty and should not have got involved in the war. This could have prevented the loss of American soldiers. Hence, the US war forced to change its foreign policy. The US decided not to get involved in any conflicts occurring in Europe, and the only time the US would wage a war would be when it was attacked by another country. This policy stayed in place till the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in the 1940s.

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Was Us Wrong To Enter The First World War




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